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Maniek - 2011-01-03, 12:10
Post subject: Miklós Horthy monuments
You have in Hungary monuments of Miklós Horthy ?

In Poland in all city we have monuments of Józef Piłsudski, they was similar person.

Lanti - 2011-01-03, 13:52
Post subject: Re: Miklós Horthy monuments
Mariusz Jarz±bek wrote:
You have in Hungary monuments of Miklós Horthy ?

In Poland in all city we have monuments of Józef Piłsudski, they was similar person.

Horthy monument in Hungary?????? In the country of the jews, liberals and communists?????

I'm afraid, We haven't built any Horthy monuments...

SVEN-HUN - 2011-01-07, 22:10

We have only monument for Károlyi Zsigmond near the Parlamen(prime minister of Hungary after WW1),who sad:"i dont want to see any soldiers in this country".

...and the romanians,tots(slovakians?),serbs camed,and tooked all 2/3 part of our country:(


lesiu_adi - 2011-01-08, 01:32

SVEN-HUN wrote:


Is it true that Gordon Bajnai is jew ?

I read about this [,308831,3]
Somebody has more documents about this ?

Fidesz won Is it now normal situation in Hungary ?

SVEN-HUN - 2011-01-08, 09:55

No,unfortunatly Bajnai isnt jew,he's pure hungarian:(

He's a socialist politic,but a businessmen aswell.
He did this,before he becamed to pm of Hungary on 2009:(source-wikipedia)

"Between 2000 and 2005, he was CEO of Wallis Rt., an investment company. His duty was to restructure the company, make it more efficient and to manage its investments. Wallis group member companies were at that time Graboplast Rt., Rába Rt., Elender Rt.,, Wallis Ingatlan, Wallis Auto Holding, Danubius Radio, Café Advertistment. Among the more than 100 Wallis-owned company a poultry processing firm, Hajdu-Bet went bankrupt during 2003, against all efforts by its management and owners. Many partners of Hajdu-Bet suffered serious losses during the time when the poultry market collapsed in 2003, Wallis group itself lost 10 billion forints (over 40 million Euros). There are news circulating about possible related suicides linked to the bankruptcy among farmers."

So,he is responsible for the death of some magyar farmer:(


Hmmm in my opinion,they are better,then the prev. gvmnt,but they sux too:(
They want make a new law for media,maybe they want make censorship for the internet too:(
They make a new>thousands of students will get out from the Uni because of that dumb law:(

I think,our new gvmt. best act was,when they give back the outlander hungarians citizenship atlest.It was so touching for me,when a 96 year old hungarian woman sad in Romania:"the history tooked twice away my real citizenship from me,but now i will die else a hungarian"...

lesiu_adi - 2011-01-08, 17:39

Thank You for reply :)

I thought that Fidesz is a good government and will be normal [They have 2\3 Members of Parliament]. Why ? Because Fidesz is not socialist ! Socialist are idiot !

Socialist promote homosexuality life ..... They destroy society !
We was born and raised in Latin civilization And Socialist promote unreal life which We know how was end [Lengyel Népköztársaság and Magyar Népköztársaság)]

I live in Poland and i don't see a normal people in parlament. Why because in Poland govern socialist :( "Platforma Obywatelska" is not liberal christian They are as SLD [old
communists :( ] They stolen Poland [now prime minister Tusk and Niesiołowski ] with PSL [Waldar Pawlak] in 1992.And Wałęsa [old lier and companion "Bolek"] to agree this :( They don't want Poland without communists because they was as communists. Communists with SLD are friends for Platforma Obywatela [PO] and Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe [PSL].

In Poland We don't have free TV because in Poland govern jews, old communists and volksdeutsche. TVN is not Poland television it is jews TV Newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza" is jew They don't like Poland and Poles. Adam Michnik [jew Gazeta Wyborcza] say i TVN in program "Kuba Wojewódzki show" that "Polacy nie maj± poczucia humoru ...." - Poles don't want to be funny. [] But Poles aren't happy how They [jews] laugh with our history and culture. But How Poles laugh with jews then they are anti-semite.
[To Poles i don't like PIS]

I read about this [] Viktor Orbán want a strong central europe with Poland, but Polish goverment don;t want ....

So You know [in 10 % ;) ] who govern in Poland I so sorry that vision of Viktor Orbán don't be. As Pole I want a strong central Europe with Hungary as old history And Magyar Lengyel hatar. But we are stolen i Jew Union :(

Maniek - 2012-05-12, 09:27

At last !!!!!!!!!!!!

If I correctly read this tekxt: it is to be unveiled first in Hungary monument of M. Horthy !


Lanti - 2012-05-12, 15:27

Maniek wrote:
At last !!!!!!!!!!!!

If I correctly read this tekxt: it is to be unveiled first in Hungary monument of M. Horthy !


Better later then never. :)

Maniek - 2012-05-12, 15:34

So Keriki village, near to Balaton in this sunday :) 2 meter high wooden monument.

I waiting for more information.

Szakali - 2012-05-13, 20:41

Finally. I am waiting for the photos. :D
Maniek - 2012-05-13, 21:54

Special for you :)

Szakali - 2012-05-16, 00:18

Not bad. :)
Maniek - 2012-05-16, 07:32

I hope this is first of many :)

Next I waiting for street name of admiral.

Lanti - 2012-05-16, 08:34

A few days ago a jewish liberal communist lawyer (aka: human misfortune) is written on his facebook, he and his "liberal freedom group" make an action against the statue. Under the dark at night (just like the gipsies attack the old Hungarians...) he made dirty the statue with red paint:

Well, another village said they want to make a Horthy statue also, so one day, when every Hungarian village and city have Horthy statue (2600) he and his little group (probably +-10 or 20 person) need to work harder for his holocaust money. :)

Lanti - 2012-05-16, 15:58

I'm crying. XD dániel Péter and his loved leader, gyurcsótány:

Maniek - 2012-05-16, 16:59

2 days...
I hope police arest him.

Lanti - 2012-05-16, 17:32

Maniek wrote:
2 days...
I hope police arest him.

They don't. Hungary is a country without consequences. The non-Hungarians can do anything against us.

Maniek - 2012-05-16, 21:32

A bit like Poland.

But if someone destroyed the statue of Marshal Piłsudski would be punished.

Sandacz - 2012-05-17, 07:59

If people build more Horthy's monuments, this scums must give up.

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