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Virlando_2 - 2011-04-11, 19:12
Post subject: My presentations on Youtube
I would to show for the forum users my videos on You Tube. These are vids about the history of polish aviation (mainly).

I'm posting below liks to them:

PZL P.11c - Polish fighter plane used in 1939 campaign:

PZL P.24 - Modified version of PZL P.11c produced only for export

PZL P.23 ''Kara¶'' (''Crucian'')

Polish construction light bomber used in 1939 campaign for bombing German troops

Projects and prototypes of Polish military aircrafts before 1939.

Weiss WM-23 - Hungarian protytpe from WW2:

Check it out!
Nice watching :D

Lanti - 2011-04-12, 17:28

Great works! :)
Maniek - 2011-04-17, 14:58

Good that you show people some part of history. Good before war/war history, not fucking communist.
Virlando_2 - 2011-09-23, 17:46

My latest video - Polish costruction aircrafts from RWD family (RWD mean enginers names : Rogalski , Wigura , Drzewiecki.

Maniek - 2011-09-26, 10:01

Good sport machines :) Prewar of course.
Sandacz - 2011-10-08, 15:23

I know your channel in YT, it is nice and popular :)
Flying is very interesting theme.

I wish you more succes in future ;)

Virlando_2 - 2011-10-13, 13:28

I made one more video :)

About WW2 Polish planes from 1939 campaign

Sandacz - 2012-05-14, 15:49

Nice presentation, good that in english :)

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