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Maniek - 2011-06-20, 15:21
Post subject: Lithuanian Polish relations
In TV show, Lithuanian break boards with polish names of place, etc. in territory when live polish minority.

Here video, in 21:48 you see:

You know this behavior from Felvidek, Delvidek or Erdely.

Lanti - 2011-06-20, 16:25

Unfortunately we know it. :(
Lanti - 2011-06-20, 18:06

At 23:30, why he remove the plat?
Maniek - 2011-06-20, 18:25

Because it is polish name of this place (when live Poles, not Lithuanians).

Plat in polish language is only one of many problem of polish minority (orginal polish spelling of name, polish school...). Many of Lithuanian hate Poles, polish culture and heritage.

Like a Ukrainians, Lithuanians too try to destroy polish heritage.

Lanti - 2011-06-20, 18:54

I understand. I called this in the video to "gipsy win". A "fighter" nation's big son win against a street board. Clap, clap...
Lanti - 2011-06-20, 19:17

And this is aired on a tv. I think the lithuanians are much frustrated nation than the slovakians (and this is not a praise for the slovakians)...
Maniek - 2011-10-24, 18:33

From "Uważam Rze":

In Lithuanian parliament is distributed booklet titled:
"Review of historic wrongs inflicted by the Poles to Lithuania". Autor is lithuanian historic Algimantas Liekis - cavalier of Knights Cross Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas. "Since the time of signing the Union of Lublin (in 1569), Lithuania as a country basically disappeared from the map of Europe" - write. "Constitution of May 3 practically realized purpose of union: polonized and erase from the history the Lithuanian nation". We do not know who paid for the printing of the pamphlet, but it is known which european capital gains, incite anti-Polish resentiments in Lithuania. This is not Vilnius.

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