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Maniek - 2011-10-04, 10:31
Post subject: Polish beer
Do you know some polish beer ? What you think about it ;)

I like regional beer, because popular drink from big koncern is not good, cheap but taste like piss...

gabi - 2011-10-08, 11:11

So, what do you recommend? They say I should try local beers like Łomza, or Gniewosz.
Maniek - 2011-10-08, 16:39

Magnus (in little bootle), Jagodowe (blueberry beer), sometimes Ciechan (all taste). My friends like - Orkiszowe and Miodne.

Gniewosz, I know dark Gniewosz, good beer :)

Łomża is too popular and from big concern - Van Pur.

Maniek - 2011-10-09, 14:32

Today I drink Gniewosz KoĽlak and Gniewosz Ciemny (dark). So dark is little swett, very good :) KoĽlak is... hmm... good, better than light beer.
Sandacz - 2011-10-09, 14:37

Regional beer is too costly for disciples, I drinking only concern (cheap) beer: Harnaś and Tatra. Sometimes Żubr.
I don't like cheap beer, under 2 zł.

gabi - 2011-10-09, 20:16

When my friends visited me here in Poland I bought them Gniewosz, they said it is like cofee :) and yes, a bit sweet.
Maniek - 2011-10-09, 21:07

A coffee, my brother say today this same. I do not feel this, but I'm "old coffee drinker" :D
gabi - 2011-10-10, 16:32

here it is :(

Maniek - 2011-10-19, 19:02

Maćkowe Malinowe (raspberry) is good but costly - 3,9 zł. (from Sulimar factory)
Cheap (shit) raspberry beer - Trixx is better and cost only near 2 zł (in Biedronka shop).

Maniek - 2011-10-22, 11:32

Żubr taste now like a shit but released a limited series in the autumn - Dark Gold Żubr. Very good ! It is from great concern, but because it is new tastes good, I recommend.

Next Fortuna Wi¶niowa [cherry] (from Miłoslaw), beer is sweet and smells nice. Nothing specjal but for people who like cherry beer - ok.

Shimizu - 2012-05-11, 20:36

I recommend grapefruit-flavored wheat beer Cornelius from Cornelius brewery from Piotrków Trybunalski, near to Łódź.

Maniek - 2012-05-11, 22:12

Taste like orangeade from glass buttle from 90'. This was special flavor of childhood :padam:
Shimizu - 2012-05-12, 22:51

In that case, I recommend seasonal (winter) dark beer - Świąteczne (from Kormoran brewery) with spices such as ginger, cinnamon, clove. Tastes like gingerbread.
Maniek - 2012-05-13, 01:43

Limited eidtion :/
Not for me, but very good :)

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