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Symbole narodowe/Nemzeti szimbolum/National Symbols
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Posted: 2010-03-16, 18:35   Symbole narodowe/Nemzeti szimbólum/National Symbols  

Hymn narodowy/National Anthem

Hymnem Polski jest Mazurek D±browskiego znany te¿ jako: Jeszcze Polska nie zginê³a
National Anthem of Poland is Mazurek D±browskiego (D±browski's Mazurka) also known as: Poland Is Not Yet Lost.
Aby pos³uchaæ kliknij tutaj.
To listen click here

T³umaczenie angielskie/English translation:
Poland has not perished yet
So long as we still live
That which alien force has seized
We at sabrepoint shall retrieve

March, march, D±browski
From Italy to Poland
Under thy command
Let us now rejoin the nation
Cross the Vistula and Warta
And Poles we shall be
We've been shown by Bonaparte
Ways to victory

March, march...
Like Czarniecki Poznañ regains
Fighting with the Swede,
To free our fatherland from chains
We shall return by sea

March, march...
Father, in tears
Says to his Basia
Just listen, it seems that our people
Are beating the drums

March, march...

Innym hymnem (pie¶ni± hymniczn±), która przez pewien czas by³a traktowana jako hymn narodowy jest Rota.
Another anthem, which for a time was regarded as the Polish national anthem was Rota.
Aby pos³uchaæ kliknij tutaj.
To listen click here

T³umaczenie angielskie/English translation:

We will not abandon the land whence our folk come.
We will not allow our language be buried.
We are the Polish nation, the Polish people,
From the royal line of Piast.
We will not allow the foe to Germanize us.

So help us God!
So help us God!

To the last drop of blood in our veins
We will defend our Spirit
Until unto dust and ash
Falls the Teutonic whirlwind.
Every doorsill will be our fortress.

So help us God!
So help us God!

The German will not spit in our face
Nor Germanize our children,
Our host will rise up in arms,
Our spirit will lead the way.
We'll go forth when sounds the golden horn.

So help us God!
So help us God!

We won't let Poland's name be crushed
We won't go, living, to the grave.
In our Homeland's name and her honor
We lift our heads proudly,
His forefathers' land the grandson will regain.

So help us God!
So help us God!

Barwy narodowe i flaga/National colors and Flag

Barwami narodowymi s± bia³y i czerwony.
Barwy na fladze symbolizuj± bia³ego or³a na czerwonym tle lub:
bia³y: dobroæ, honor, godno¶æ, blizny i czerwony: dostojno¶æ, majestat, krew, etc.

Polish national colors are white and red.
Colors on the flag symbolize the white eagle on a red background or:
white: good, honor, dignity, scars and red: eminence, majesty, blood, etc. -

2 maja w Polsce obchodzony jest Dzieñ Flagi.
2 May in Poland is celebrated Flag Day.

God³o/Coat of arms of Poland

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