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Most Difficult Languages - Polish (article)
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Posted: 2010-06-06, 14:36   Most Difficult Languages - Polish (article)  

I found an interesting article about Polish grammar: Most Difficult Languages - Polish

In comments is a link to the e-book: Polish Grammar in a Nutshell (.pdf)


btw. This part of the commentary is a bit of funny (for me), because (I think) explanations of words are not quite correct (but according to the Polish-English dictionary of slang this is correct):

Polish has heaps of slangs (more than in English), including those ones utilizing the diminutive forms of nouns.....

jednokomórkowiec - someone who always keeps bragging about his/her celphone

??obek - jail cell where drunks are kept (sorry, but I don't know what is the word)

żyłka - natural tendency/skill

na Madagaskar - expression used to show dislike, czy coś takiego.... (or something like that...)

jaja - very amusing/foolish/scandalous situation

jarać się - to be on fire, get excited

cegła - a thick, usually boring, worthless book

bajer - a lie/exaggeration that's meant to impress someone, as to manipulate someone to think or act as one wishes...

badylarz - a rich but unsophisticated, rustic businessman

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Posted: 2010-06-06, 19:38     


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Posted: 2010-06-06, 19:38     

W drugim linku na stronie 14 jest błąd/ In second link, there is mistake on page 14.
On jest starszy od siostry He is younger than (his) sister”

“starszy” in polish language mean “older”
“młodszy” is “younger”
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