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Sabaton Uprising
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My name is Maniek

Age: 29
Joined: 21 Feb 2010
Posts: 987
Location: Łódź (Polska)
Posted: 2010-04-20, 11:45   Sabaton Uprising  

Sabaton new song about the Warsaw Uprising :!: Clip made by CrusaderNR.
Nowa piosenka Sabatona o Powstaniu Warszawskim :!: Klip zrobiony przez CrusaderaNR.

3:01 and 4:36 heard in polish: Warszawo walcz ! (Warsaw fight !)
3:01 i 4:36 słychać po polsku: Warszawo walcz !

[Personally I am opposed to the Warsaw Uprising]
[Osobiście jestem przeciwnikiem Powstania Warszawskiego]

There are references to the War of Defense in 1939, it's good.
Są nawiązania do Wojny Obronnej 1939, to dobrze.

Sabaton has already made earlier a song about the battle of Wizna:
Sabaton zrobił już wcześniej piosenkę o boju pod Wizną:
Dalt a csata Wizna ahol 720 lengyel katonák 3 napig kerülni, 42 ezer német katona !
Piosenka o boju pod Wizną, gdzie 720 polskich żołnierzy przez 3 dni powstrzymywało 42 tysiące niemców !

Lengyel Thermopülai !
Polskie Termopile !

Joined: 18 Sep 2010
Posts: 57
Posted: 2010-12-13, 23:46     



Joined: 18 Sep 2010
Posts: 57
Posted: 2010-12-13, 23:46     

Yes , Sabaton is really great band ! They should relase song about the Polish-Bolshevik war 1919-1920 . It's good theme for metal song too.


Age: 29
Joined: 25 Apr 2010
Posts: 265
Location: Bydgoszcz (Polska)
Posted: 2010-12-18, 01:16     

I sent a propose of making song about 1920 but uprising won :-? . It is sick that we forget about victories and remeber distasters.
Lengyel, Magyar – két jó barát, együtt harcol, s issza borát.

Age: 37
Joined: 15 Aug 2010
Posts: 162
Location: Żagań, Lengyelország
Posted: 2011-08-01, 00:44     

I can't stop crying when I look at this picture :-x 67 years ago we experienced our national tragedy... :-( I'm always deeply touched when I think about Warsaw Uprising :cry: Now my tears are falling on my keyboard, and I believe you won't laugh about it, because I'm not pretending :-(


Age: 34
Joined: 25 Jan 2011
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Location: Wroclaw
Posted: 2011-08-01, 20:46     

I was reading about the story of the Uprising in Norman Davies' - History of Poland (Boze Igrzysko) yesterday. And yes - I totally understand your feelings. That was really terrible - no I think terrible is not a proper word to express what Germans (and Soviets also) did, not only during the uprising, but in the whole war in Poland.
The world should know more about it, even in Hungary we should learn much more about Poland's history in WWII.
And I don't mean only the Jews-related parts (however I don't doubt what happened to Jews was awful) should be broadcasted everywhere, but such events like this uprising.
I admire and feel great respect for those ones who chose to fight - and therefore for almost surely die - for Warsaw, and Poland.
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