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The Hungarian mythic origin theory
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Posted: 2010-06-10, 14:15   The Hungarian mythic origin theory  

In this article, I would like to tell the mythic Hungarian origin theory which is based on a Hungarian and Türkish codexes.

Source codexes:
Kézai Simon - Gesta Hungarorum (XIII. century)
Chronica Picta (Képes Krónika) (1360)
Pray Codex (1192-1195) -> The first Hungarian written memory, and in this codex was the history's first evidence from the Shroud of Turin. -> Picture.
And the Holy Bible :)

After the cataclysm, only survived Noah and his 3 sons with families. His 3 sons are: Shem, Ham and Japheth. Ham is the ancestor of the blacks, Shem is the middle people (jews and arabs), and Japheth is the Asians and Whites.

In this Japhetic wiki article, the official story writing originate the Hungarians from the Magog lineage, just like the Polish people and the other European nations. BUT, the Hungarian myths totally tell an other story:

In the Hungarian origin myths originate the Hungarians from Ham. Ham in the Bible is the worsest son of Noah. He is small-minded and evil. In this picture, you can see Ham, who is a quite smaller than his brothers and much evil.

Ham's son is Kus. Kus son is Nimrod. Nimrod was the king of Mesopotamia. In the bible, he is a small-minded, evil, dictator king. But just only in the Bible! In the Hungarian, Turkish, and Asian myths he was a good king. He made the first kingdom on the Earth. He is the builder of The Tower of Babel. Nimrod was a great hunter and big fighter. From that cities which is built by Nimrod, the jews afraid them! The jews lists Nimrod and his relatives to their original enemies! The jews hatred them! That's why (I think) the jews started to lie about Ham's family tree. So, the only evil person in this picture is the red hair Shem, the father of the jews and arabs. I think this was the history's first falsification...

From the Tower of Babel to Hunor and Magor:
Nimrod want to built a big tower, becouse he want to stop a new flood. In this case (when the new flood coming) his people go to that high tower and protected them.

In the Hungarian myths, Nimrod is "walking above the stars and hunting". Walking above the stars and hunting? Hmm, interesting. And what was he really built? A tower, or a spaceship?

This "tower" don't likes by God, and that's why he mess up the people language. But the Nimrod's language, too?

Hunor and Magor makes the Hunnic and Magyar groups:
After this, Nimrod went to the Persian lands, where he marriaged with Enéh. They makes Hunor and Magor. Hunor was the father of the Huns, and Magor was the father of the Magyars (We).

After Nimrod's death, one day Hunor and Magor went to hunting. They chasing a deef days and weeks, when he came a beautiful land with rich vegetation. In this land, they find some beautiful girls (Bulgarian and Persian girls) whose they kidnapped. They marriaged and for this, They maked the Hunnic and Magyar groups.

After this, They and his big nations went to Scythian land. Alexander the Great, Darius and Cirus attacked the Scythians, but they doesn't succeded. Other nations don't attacked the Scythians becouse they know it: they don't win.

And after this:
Coming the true history. :D

Nowadays in Hungary very popular the double conquest theory (just like the ancestor Slovak theory in Slovakia). The Huns come here the Kárpát-Basin firstly, and centuries after, We come here, too. This theory supported by that movement, when the Székelys (Szeklers) waiting for the Magyars, when we come in the Kárpát-basin. The Székelys originate themselfes from the Huns.

Unfortunately, nobody know what language say by the Huns. But a very popular theory, they are speak Hungarian, too. The Székelys speak the hungarian language a strang accent. Examples: -> Cursing :D

The Székely people:
Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
The ethnic map of Transylvania - The land of the Székelys

Bonus picture :)
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